About us

Findexiq Ltd is incorporated in the United Kingdom. We are rapidly grown Company providing different payment methods. FINDEXIQ LTD (registration number 13120110) is an authorized licensee, EMD Agent (Reference number 902985), acting on behalf of CFS-Zipp Limited (registration number 03925386) EMI license Nr. 900027, regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

With us your consumers can pay for goods and services on any gadget, in any country through our quick, helpful, intuitive, and secure system. Our multilanguage support works 24/7 for your customers superior client involvement.

Our solution is aimed to make our customers life easier and more convinient.

We try to make a wonderful synergy between experience and innovation. Our professionals are motivated to revolutionize the online payments industry.

Hence, we create innovation, manage payments, reconciliations, wire transfers and accompany our clients in their technological needs.


One more light is coming up in the sky

Many words were said in this industry. Our company found a way how to change your business and get benefit every minutes.

24/7 support, in-house developed anti-fraud system, traffic analytics, finance and technical assistance … It is all about us.

24/7 support

Our professionals will assist you even when the whole planet sleeps.


The world of payments is a deep ocean with high waves that we surf.


Veni, vidi, paid